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The real way to lose weight

The real way to lose weight

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Good news -- all those diets you’ve been on that didn’t work were set up to fail. Dr. Jason Fung is the author of “The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss,” and says counting calories and cutting fat aren’t the keys to losing weight.
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  1. My cousin introduced me into the weight loss plan called “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). Within almost no time, I slipped 14 lbs. This diet works for everyone. Anyone who wants to lose some serious body fat without doing harm to the body just simply has to try “lyly amazing guide”. Google it today!

  2. i eat 1600 cal a day 18/6 intermittent fasting after 10 weeks and have not lost a lb!!!!!! I don't think "IF" is better than a normal bodybuilding diet of eating every two hours 6 to 8 times a day.

  3. I wish I`d recognized about the “fizy unique plan” earlier! (Google it) I would`ve dropped 10 lbs years ago. It is best to check it out on google!

  4. As expert, I think Fenoboci Diet Plan is good way to lost crazy amounts of weight. Why don't you give it a chance? perhaps it's going to work for you too.

  5. Julie Banderas, Your exuberance is good, but you cut off Dr. Fung number of times, preventing him from finishing a statement. This is a habit which needs to be corrected, so people can get the full benefit of what the expert is trying to get across.

  6. No one wants to ask these low carb doctors about Type 1 diabetics who must take insulin even in their fasting time otherwise their sugar will go through the roof.  So what are they supposed to do?  Stop taking the insulin during the fasting time and watch their sugar rise and their diabetic complications get worst?

  7. I love this weight loss green store tea. Finally, a product that is natural and it really works. I've noticed a huge difference in my appetite taking this. I highly recommend it for anyone trying to get their eating in check.

  8. Jason Fung is worth listening to. My husband was diabetic type 2, was unable to loss weight despite listening and following the top nutritionists. He joined the Intensive Dietary Management programme online, 1 year latter he is no longer diabetic and has lost 30 kilo.

  9. Jason Fung's book the Obesity Code and this interview are so important to know about for anyone interested in health, nutrition, weight loss and diabetes.

  10. They didn't explore the effect of eating a large percentage of good fats, which is feeling full for hours. It makes it easy to fast. Also, the effect of NOT eating the processed sugary carbs and grains means I don't feel hungry all the time and binge. I love this way of eating and will continue doing it. Dr Fung's book will explain the science behind why it works (I have read it).

  11. We cannot discount the fact that "whole wheat" is just as much of a sugar as white flour and white rice. If you regulate sugars and insulin efficiently then go ahead and eat that whole wheat spaghetti. But, for the rest of us we have to realize that a slice of whole grain bread and a bowl of oatmeal is no different than a slice of cake and bowl of pudding.

  12. Awesome! I love that finally the well researched data of the last century is starting to come to the surface of this calorie = calorie nonsense. Great short intro not just to diet (that is a happy byproduct) but to being healthy.

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